This project is in post-production. Next Open Call for Participants JUNE 1st 2014 – AUGUST 29th 2014





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GC: I like that we can meet out here on the street, sit in the sun, and get a better idea of what we’re dealing with here. Let’s start out simple, Sharelle tells me that you had an intense response from her energy treatment. Can you talk a bit about what you felt, saw, heard and saw manifest through this time?

FH: It’s astounding what Sharelle offers- as an energy healer. When I had my initial treatment, I was coming to Sharelle with a lot of metaphysical pain. Not only from my own life, but what was projected onto me, from my surroundings. People expect you to do everything on your own. This isn’t right. So I was feeling these things- From life- the fast pace, the over-medicated life styles.

GC: Do you feel that there is something missing, from the way we live our lives today?  Personally, it seems that people come together on the internet or tend to base their happiness on materialistic things. Always staring into their phones, not paying attention to their immediate environment but the world at large. It’s almost more about what they own, who they know. What happened to that fully functioning community that has been passed down through our blood, from the roots of our ancestor’s ?

FH: Exactly- the tribe mentality, that we thrived on for years! Why have people become so distant? They need their coffee, their high maintenance schedule- go go go. It’s all changed. But we can take steps to get back to that tribe mentality. 

GC: How has your time with Sharelle been a stepping stone into this ‘tribe mentality’ you’ve mentioned?

FH: Sharelle is an amazing and knowing being. I feel so blessed to have had this encounter with her, and that I was in the right place at the right time.  Through the energy treatments I received from Sharelle, she removed the energy that I had been holding onto. I had these creatures approach me on her table. I saw them as dark figures, they were flanking me, I was scared. It was very dark, and then I watched them leave us- I was cleansed. It was very colorful.  And Sharelle, she is so Gentle. I definitely would go back for more treatments, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to transform, and move on from what negative energy has manifested in their own body. ”    ~ Frankie H. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2013


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GC: What was your time like with Sharelle? Had you any energy work prior to this session?

TG:   I am very sensitive to energies in general. So with Sharelle, I had an immediate response from her. And I have been to healers in the past, but this was different with Sharelle- never had I experienced anything on this level-so gentle. We began the treatment, and as soon as I felt her energy connect with mine- I was in shock – I breathed her in.  It was this intense interaction between our energies. Woosh. My lungs filled up, I had to catch my breath. It was very emotionally cleansing.

GC: How did you carry this experience with you through your week, your month?

TG: After the treatment, I went home and had noticed all of these new things -occurring metaphysically for me. My boyfriend has noticed that my body temperature was much more warm. Usually at night, I’m freezing to the touch. But now I have a comfortable PH balance. I noticed that right away. My moods are more stabilized also. Usually when I start to feel these dark emotions or anxiety, it takes me a bit to let it pass. After my treatment with Sharelle, I was able to say to myself ” Okay Trulee, this is what’s happening. Let it pass. “

GC: Would you recommend your experience with Sharelle to others?

TG: I am able to get through those moments in time, and let the energy and feelings pass through me, instead of weighing me down.  I have also felt more connected with the other side. Yes, I would recommend Sharelle, definitely….. ” (continued below image)

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GC: The goats and chickens are so full of personality. Thanks for this adventure on your farm. I know you invited Sharelle up here last week- Can you touch on the influence that these creatures have on your spiritual self and what it was like having Sharelle at the farm? Do you find that more people are in touch with animals these days, or do you find it was at one point more of a thing from the past? Are people too busy to engage themselves in their animalistic core?

TG:…It’s something that’s been lost over the decades, as humans we need to have more experiences alongside animals. We are animals ourselves, we can’t just ignore these things. It’s a shame. But yeah,  I invited Sharelle and her friend Donna to my Farm one day, and she connected with all of the animals. Wait till you see the video of the two of them (laughter). Sharelle, once she is a part of your life- she really makes an impact. ” Trulee G., Los Angles, CA. Filmmaker & Musician. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2013







JD: I met Sharelle in California, about nine years ago. I gave her a figurine of a character from Godzilla, – Mothra. I must have been about eight years old. My mom was friends with her first off, and so we would all get together. I didn’t know until recently that she was an intuitive healer.

GC: When you found this out, I hear that you were intrigued to experience an energy healing. What was it like?

JD: Sharelle and I talked for a while, she told me to lay down on her table. And I usually have problems staying still for extended amounts of time, I don’t know why, it’s kind of annoying at times. But on her table I was comfortable. So I closed my eyes. And Sharelle started the treatment. At times I felt there were two, maybe three other people in the room with us. She told me they were my Spirit Guides. And when I’d open my eyes occasionally, with my peripherals, I saw these figures.

GC: Did you acknowledge these entities, or did you just let the vision pass?

JD: It didn’t bother me, I thought maybe they were figures from my subconscious. When I first was on the table, receiving her treatment, I remember feeling this heaviness drain out from my body, that went into the floor. After the treatment, I felt lighter. Not light-headed, but I felt I could move around better, and my body was lighter, I could move  with more ease. It was a nice feeling.

GC:Did you two get to talking afterwards?

JD: Yeah, we talked about the entities, and the lightness I felt. And since the treatment, I felt so much better. But it went away after some time. Sharelle had told me that if I could have more treatments consistently, then I would feel energized for longer amounts of time.  I also felt more obligated to talk to people too, after the treatment. Usually I’m a hermit and tend to not talk to people very often, and I normally feel very sluggish. But for the days after the treatment I felt more socially obligated and made more connections to people. Turns out over the summer I’ll be working on a short movie with my friend.

GC: Do you feel like if you could have a treatment every week, that this would be beneficial to  your every day life? An action similar to your routines.  Wake up, eat breakfast, go to work or school, brush your teeth, get an energy treatment, and so on.

JD: Yes, it’s very theraputic. It should be part of our every day.

GC: What other things are you interested in?

JD: I’m not a religious person, but over the last few years, I’ve studied a variety of religions, from Paganism to Sematic religions, from Judaism to Christianity. There’s the fear of the gods, the fear of the self, or the belief in the self and nature. Even through studying Voodoo, I found a few similarities to Judaism , even  Catholicism. Like the Greeks, they annexed religion into their culture, and I found that really interesting. I have thought at times, people use religion to really separate each other. I don’t know why people feel the need to divide.

GC:  Why do you think people choose to separate themselves from one another? Is there a purpose for this segregating of our selves?

JD: People don’t respect other people’s beliefs, they want to stomp on your ideas. Replace your thoughts with their own. We could  respect each other without such judgement. 

GC: What age group do you most associate with?

JD: I can relate more to people in their 30’s and 40’s, so those who are about twenty to thirty years older than I am. I have better conversations with people who are older than me. People who are open to any new kind of thinking, music, and other things. I can’t relate to many people my age.

GC: Why not?

JD: Their interests are what I can’t relate to.

GC: Do you find maybe it’s not only about how they were raised, but how technology has kind of replaced interactivity?

JD: Tragedy to people my age, is something they experience on TV or the Internet, video games. People get really affected by these things, like what happens on facebook too.  And I can’t relate to that. 

GC: So you find that people pay too much attention to social media and video games?

JD: Yes, and not enough attention to real life problems.

GC:  I feel that way with people my age also. What else are you interested in?

JD: I really love stop-motion animation. 

GC: Yes! As these sorts of projects took more time, maybe we were more focused as humans not so long ago. We were more patient.

JD: Yeah. people were more patient, before.  I’m also trying to form a band, and I read. I read a lot. Most people I meet seem impatient. I think it’s a growing epidemic. Especially the last ten years.  I’m also claustrophobic, so when I’m in large groups of people, I feel really…..I just have to get away from people. Even if they’re just standing there, it just makes me nervous. I guess it’s interacting with people, that also makes me nervous, when I’m in large crowds. I also don’t like being in a room where everyone is standing- if everyone is sitting, then I feel more comfortable.

GC: Has this been a recent thing, or did this start when you were a kid?

JD: I’ve felt this way since I was a kid. 

GC: Maybe this is something Sharelle can help you with?

JD: Maybe, or maybe it’s already too much a part of who I am? ~ Jason D, Los Angeles, CA. Student &  Musician. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2014





GC: What is ‘connecting’ with another person about, within your own experience- Is it primal? Awkward? Intriguing?

JN:   Connecting with other people, is the most meaningful part of my life. Friendships, family- it’s all based on this combination of what I would like to experience, and what is a great mystery to me. Without other people, I wouldn’t know what’s out there.

GC: You  had the full 10 recommended treatments from Sharelle- was there any moment you can pinpoint, whereas you started to really notice a difference in your mind/body?

JN: What I got from my treatments with Sharelle, was that I wasn’t struggling as much, with trying to cope with the challenges I was having  in my life. What’s interesting about that, is that it presented itself as this ability for me to use the same amount of energy I was using before, to give to others- whereas before I was using this energy within my worries. When we’re struggling in life, we’re using up this finite amount of energy. We get exhausted.

After my treatments with Sharelle- and I had the full ten treatments- I wasn’t spending my time struggling anymore. I found that I had so much more energy left over in my life, to connect and to give. Now it is so much easier for me to say yes, to say no, for me to have patience, for me to have an understanding. I always had that energy there, to share with others, and Sharelle gave me that  permission to feel good about it . ” ~ Joey N. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012




GC: Tell me about your time with Sharelle. Feel free to veer off into wherever your mind leads you.

DT:   I was so nervous before meeting with Sharelle.  I had imagined that I would enter into her office, and see this woman coming toward me from behind a beaded curtain, in smoke and jewels. Not that this would have been a bad thing ( laughter).  But Sharelle  was very warm and welcoming.  She made me feel at home. 

GC: Can you recall the way you felt after your treatment with Sharelle? You had mentioned something about the chakra in your lower back loosening up?

DT: After my energy treatment with Sharelle, my body felt very light and very open. This lasted for quite a few days, I was actually really surprised.  And the energy treatment itself didn’t feel like a therapy session- which was a relief. I felt her moving the thick energy from my lower back, my pelvic chakra, and shoulders- and out through my crown chakra. The benefits are physical and emotional.  

GC: I’ve heard those who are more skeptical of what it is that Sharelle offers to her clients. Not personally, but in general, people have made it very clear that energy healing is not scientific in any way- but I disagree with that assumption. What are your thoughts?

DT: You’re out in the world, and of course stress is going to re-enter the body. Which is why I feel that continual treatments with Sharelle, are so important. Because I did go into the experience, saying to myself  ‘ ..Okay Derek, open yourself up to the holistic side of this..’ I got something out of it. You have to enter into transformative events, in that you’re going to benefit from your experience. And it’s science, energy has substance. Give me proof, give me science- and that’s what this is. ”     ~Derek T. Restaurant Manager. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2013

Testimonial from Sharelle’s Client

After receiving Subtle Energy Treatment

February 2014. Andrea R., Studio City, CA


1) I speak up & say what is on my mind a lot more easily. I am becoming more direct. Even when I feel a hesitation on my part to say something, I just come out and say it. This has been very liberating. 

2) I also feel that my authentic voice is heard when I speak to friends, coworkers, customers, & romantic interests. In the sense that I am speaking from the heart and I am not hiding as much who I am and how I think or feel about things. I am just being me ,and I am more comfortable with who I am.

 3) When coworkers or customers joke around with me I am lot more playful back and even sassier at times (when it’s appropriate).

4) I sense that I am becoming a lot funnier and I am quicker on my toes with humor and wit.

 5) My voice also feels stronger, as if it’s coming from a deeper part from within my body.

 6) My posture has improved – the center area between my chest just comes out now in a natural way.

7) I feel like my body is more relaxed and when I walk my entire body feels like it flows more naturally.

8) My mind is starting to make quicker connections and I am observing things faster at work.

9) I am becoming more resilient emotionally and happiness is starting to flow more from the inside out.

10) I have a better sense of hope back in my life. I feel a lot more often that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And with more happiness coming from the inside out and some persistence, I will get there.



 GC: What initially got you interested in the Holistic Arts, prior to meeting Sharelle?

AC: When I started working for Whole Foods, I started living a different lifestyle. There were a few people that worked there with me, who were very in tune with their mental states, and their spirituality. There was one woman who I worked with, who got me into meditating and yoga. So I started doing that on my own. I was going to school for medical assistance, and I worked at another grocery store as well. And thats where I met Sharelle. Sharelle, she is a character! The first time that I met her, I was having a really weird day at work. I just ran into her, and there was something about her tone and her energy. So after she left the store,  I ran out to catch her, and told her I wanted to get to know her. And she told me about what she does, and I was a little on the fence with it- but I wanted to check it out.


GC: Many of us have been ‘on the fence’ about this sort of work. Especially since we are sold globally, this rendition of what health should be- marriage, children, 9-5 job, food on the go, and a medication for everything. It’s frightening is it not? Which leads me to my first question for you….When you had your initial subtle energy treatment, and meeting, with Sharelle, can you tell us a bit about what you experienced?

AC: When I finally went over to Sharelle’s, and she started working on me- we first got into this conversation on life. I told her about myself. She extended to me the process of what she was doing and how she was there to help. She started working on me, she had me lay down. And it was interesting. I started feeling this bubbly kind of feeling throughout my body, starting at my feet, and working its way up.  It was incredible, and it wasn’t even for very long. The crazy thing about it, is how I felt afterwords. I was almost in a completely different mind set. Once she worked on me, I had so much going on in my mind. I’ve always  been into painting and art, and different types of music. And these things had not been as interesting to me for quite some time- my personality was very blah. But after my treatment with Sharelle, the engines started running in my head.


GC: Were there any visuals?

AC: My eyes were closed, and I was in this black space. There was this white flower that appeared, and it kept growing and I started realizing all these thousands of geometric shapes. It sparked something inside of me. And that day, I was able to start drawing and painting again. I felt that light and energy back in me- it all came back. How great… she just makes you feel. Sharelle is the meaning of love. I have felt more and more outgoing, and I have started having more job offerings. And I think it was all because of  Sharelle. She changed something inside of me. There was a significant amount of really great things that happened after I saw her. She is really out there to help. And I felt a big difference after seeing her. 

– Andy C., Painter and Medical Student. Los Angeles, CA. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2013



GC: Did you want to start out with your thoughts on Sharelle?  I know you said that you have always been a more skeptical person when it comes to the concept of  ‘spirituality’.

AA: On my way to Sharelle’s, I was trying to keep an open mind. I was pretty skeptical yes. When I think of ‘energy healer’, I think of hippie, or shaman- is she going to ring a bowl or do a sonic bath. Which I love! It’s something I experienced when I went to the Integratron. But still, I was very skeptical of what Sharelle does.

GC: Do you find you’re skeptical of how you feel holistic care is represented in the media, or is this more about your personal experiences with ‘spirituality’?

AA: It could be media derived. Or a little bit of both. Any sort of ‘spirituality’ I question. Religion, I question. 

GC: So if you don’t have a physical proof….

AA: Yeah, actual physical proof. But I wanted to give it a shot. There has been some negative things going on in my life, and I wanted more positive things to transpire. So I took a chance, definitely. I wanted to stay a bit more open minded, and see what Sharelle was all about. As soon as she opened the door, her wide eyes drew me in. 

GC:  And you were telling me earlier that you two discussed Childhood and the importance of memory. Is this how you two started the session?

AA: Its odd because she was a stranger to me, and it felt like a therapy session. But it wasn’t cold and overly critical, like general therapy. It was like chatting with an old friend. We started talking about family, and relationships. I told her I wanted to get into theories about my Chidlhood, Photographically.  So we did talk about memory. And now I feel that the more important things about this Photo series I want to do,  about childhood- it feels more concrete. And there was something very warm  about Sharelle. You can really trust her. So I sort of blurted out all these things at once, about my life.  We kept jumping from one topic to the next.  It was very intimate.

GC: You mentioned nostalgia, and affirmations…This is part of how so many people function, and how we get attached to things of the past- there is something about ‘collecting’.

AA: I hold onto the past, and sometimes I want to go back, or I think perhaps I could have changed something.

GC: Or have understood it better?

 AA: Yeah. 

GC: So where is it that you grew up? Are you from Southern California?

AA: I’ve lived in Los Angeles for all of my life thus far, I grew up in Glendale. I’m an artist, working on a new Photographic series.

GC: Most of Sharelle’s clients are artists, not all of them, but the majority of them are different thinkers. Which leads me to ask you if you are ready to talk  about your time during the treatment, on the table.

 AA: She made me feel really comfortable.

GC: Something familiar or was it more distant at first?

AA: Yes, very familiar. And that drew me in. Even her office, it had this comforting feeling. And she looks so young, I thought she was much younger than her age. So I thought, ‘ she’s got to be doing something right’. But back to the conversation on memory- Sharelle had told me that it was okay to hold on to past experiences. She teaches that part of the process with trauma or stress, is that you can realize you will hold onto it, but she helps people move on from it– instead of holding on for too long. To feel things, but don’t let these things drag you down. Don’t just let it sit there- always think about the next step. That seemed like something she had wanted to touch upon. And even begin a skeptic, I do believe in positive energies bringing us closer to our dreams. Even when I feel like all is hopeless.

 On the table, when she was giving me her energy and affirmations-I heard her whispering…at first I was uncomfortable but I like yoga, so I thought about the Savasana pose, letting my feet flop- and she started on my feet. I felt her energy first in my left foot. The tingling. When she was working closer to my head I could feel the tingling sensation. It was something I think I really needed to experience. 

– Ava A., Photographer. Los Angeles, CA. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2013




GC: How did you come to meet Sharelle? What can you share with us that gives us a broader image of what she does, and how she impacts the lives of others?

DK:  I am blown away by Sharelle’s treatments. I first met Sharelle in the mid 1960’s.  I realized that when I was in her presence, I felt a heightened sense of universal awareness. Sharelle was unique, at that time, in her consciousness of love for the world. Forty years later, her wisdom has evolved, and continues to enhance the energy of her being. I just felt comfortable in her presence. Even when years went by, without us continuing our dialogue, I would run into her, all over the city. No matter where I was, she was there. I’m also a Virgo, and I’m very connected to the earth. I would, at an early age, climb the Chinese Elm trees in my backyard. I always timed it, early spring, when I would be at one with the ground- when I could be barefoot with the earth.

GC: This is wonderful. So you already have a very personal connection with the earth and your spiritual self. So, how did you feel about sharing this natural gift, with Sharelle?

DK: So, I had called her one day, and I said ‘ Sharelle, I have really gotten out of touch with my spiritual side. I need to get back to meditating again. ‘  And since, I have been able to connect with my Father again (who had passed away). I hear bells when she works on me, and I can feel my Father more. 

GC: And you still have on-going energy treatments with Sharelle?

DK: When I have the energy work with Sharelle- when I close my eyes and she starts working with me, I feel this heat gathering by my legs. As time goes on, I don’t know where I go but I go somewhere. She tells me I am often smiling, experiencing things.  At other points in my treatment, I hear crackling. The energies, the electricity. A few days after my treatments, I can write more consistently- I am a journalist, so these treatments really open me up. I go into totally new and different ideas. Now I am meditating every morning, and it’s all thanks to Sharelle. I am so glad she is back in my life.”   

~ Donna K. Pasadena, CA. Journalist. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012.



GH: When I came to Sharelle, I had already been experiencing psychic energies. At yoga, I have been noticing people’s auras- the colors are so vibrant. It happens right around their heads.  

GC: So you were already experiencing these psychic energies, which leads me to my curiosity, as to what your metaphysical response to Sharelle’s energy healing was like.

GH: So I got onto Sharelle’s table, and normally people lay on their stomachs she told me, but I layed face up. That just felt more comfortable.

GC: Was there anything that you were thinking, hearing, feeling during the healing?

GH: I heard Sharelle moving around me, as I layed on the table. But it didn’t distract me, I just waited to feel her energy at my feet. And when she did, I kept certain things in mind. There is this place that one reaches, during meditation- that very clear and empty mind space. Normally it would take me some time to get to that state. Yet, as soon as Sharelle started to work on me, it happened with not much effort on my end. I just closed my eyes and accepted her energy.

GC:  Did you come to her with anything specific in mind?

GH: I have been dealing with accepting the self-trust issues that I needed to build, within myself. Trust is so important. When the healing started,  I did feel this tingling in my right foot. The left side of my body was still conscious, but the right side of my body was vibrating. I heard the vibrations. After she moved the energy through me the first time, I was really hoping that it would continue- I didn’t feel ready yet. But Sharelle goes back and starts at your feet one  more time, and moves everything out. She floods your body with white light first, then pushes the energy through your chakras the second time around. I felt ready for this experience, as I have been having many metaphysical elements which have been making themselves very present in my life. 

  – Grace H., Long Beach, CA. Teacher & Performance Artist. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2013



GC: Knowing a little bit about your background, I was curious to how you felt about meeting with Sharelle and what it was that you may have been thinking before, during, and after your treatment. And whatever may come naturally into your mind, just let it all spill out.

D: I drove up from Long Beach with Grace, she had her healing session first. So while that was happening, I drove around the neighborhood, and I found these magnificent trees. These trees were so important to my morning. 

GC: (Laugher) We do often overlook the transference of our energies between nature. It’s always there though.

D: It’s always there isnt’ it!? (laughter) This was my whole childhood- these trees. So having this reminder, this experience – before receiving the energy healing from Sharelle, was just- very spiritual in it of itself. I practice Yoga and  and these things that occur so naturally for my body/mind, so it was something that I brought in with me, upon my treatment with Sharelle. 

GC:  And you’re a Yoga Teacher?

D: I have just finished my Yoga Instructor training, and I will be studying Naturopathic Medicine soon.

GC: Tell me about your time with Sharelle- this would be your first treatment- Normally I don’t get to  meet with people on the day of their treatment, so I’m interested in your direct response just a few hours after the healing itself. Did you feel anything physically, did you see any colors or hear any sounds?

D: When I had my eyes closed I saw this very bright blue light, but it was as if I was looking into my stomach. So I saw this light, and these hundreds of cats eyes- illuminated inside my stomach (laughter). Most importantly, before I came to Sharelle I had felt very tangled up inside. But after my energy treatment with her, I felt very loosened up inside.

GC: Which is indicitive of Sharelle’s process-

D: And, as one who identifies herself as a mother-less child, I really looked to the experience with Sharelle, as something very maternal. She was so motherly, almost watching over me making sure I was alright.  So my energy treatment with Sharelle was very intense. But we all go through these dark times (laugher). Very intense.  But afterwards I picked up this cucumber and this beautiful pear at the market…it tends to be these simple things in life that we can all appreciate and take with us.

– Devina, Long Beach, CA. Yoga Practitioner. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2013



GC: How did you first meet Sharelle?

TC:  I met Sharelle  at a boutique in Montrose. She was an interesting person, but in a very quiet way.  One day she invited me to her place, and she gave me one of her subtle energy treatments.  I could feel the energy that was coming from her, as it was intermingling with my own.  She never touched me, she just moved my energy around.  Up and down, and all around. It’s something we can all practice. At home, in the office. It’s naturally something inside of us that we must take advantage of.

GC: What was your childhood like? Did you sense from an early age that you would have such a close connection with ‘spirituality’ ?

TC: I grew up in the church. So I was raised to have a heightened awareness to what we call spirituality. But there was something that religion wasn’t offering to me. I had at one time wanted to be a priest. But that didn’t end up being the case. Something changed, around me, inside of me. Everything had changed.

GC: What’s your view on what I tend to call, the ‘over-medicated’ society? What is your view on Eastern and Western medicine and treatments?

TC: Both sides are important. What we need is a balance between the two. We’re discovering that more and more, this process of energies- this mysticism, this spirituality- is connected in ways;  Even doctors are recommending this type of work these days.We should pay closer attention to the ways in which we can incorporate Western Medicine, and Eastern medicine. Sharelle has been very instrumental in this process, and I know she will succeed in this. The intention is there. ” ~ Thomas C. Callahan. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012



GC: When you started your treatments with Sharelle, how did your body respond to her energy?

SH:  Sharelle is the most talented hands-on healer that I have ever come across. I’ve suffered from arthritis in my hand for many years. At times, unable to rotate my thumb or index finger.

Sharelle uses subtle energy, reducing inflammation for increased mobility. I actually see and feel the shrinkage, in just moments!

GC: Would you continue to go to Sharelle for treating your arthritis?

SH: Yes. Discovering Sharelle, an individual showing sympathy, empathy, an unusual talent for hands on healing- I’ve decided to never let her leave my world.  ”

~ Sita H., Sherman Oaks, CA. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012

Personal Testimonial from George Roqueni

March 2014

I’ve known Sharelle over 20 years and have always felt safe and confident in her presence.  Recently I was discussing my plan of going to the east coast to visit family. My first stop was to be the home of Bertha, my 95 year old first cousin who is living alone in her home.  Sharelle suggested that energy therapy would make the trip even more enjoyable.  So I had my first session and encounter with her as a healer and life coach.  At first we spent considerable time speaking of things spiritual and temporal.  Then, I climbed onto the table, closed my eyes and relaxed.  During the healing, I could sense and feel the energy in my body even though she never touched me.  At one point, I could see in my mind’s eye the number 7 superimposed on a large disc of soft light about 12 inches in diameter.  At the end of the session neither of us knew the purpose or significance of this crossed or European number seven.  As I left Sharelle to begin my trip I clearly felt that the time with Sharelle was well spent. The conversation on things spiritual and temporal was therapeutic and I felt I received help in centering myself in preparation for the rigors ahead.  

 A few days later I arrive in the fashionable Coconut Grove section of Miami, home of cousin Bertha.  I didn’t discuss with Bertha my vision of the number seven. I was mindful and alert to anything that had to do with seven.   Then in the wee hours of morning, the seventh of June, Bertha aspirated fluid into her lungs and was suffocating and feared she was dying.  She was in so much distress that she couldn’t use the nearby alarm to summon help. I called 911 rescue for the first time in the 70 years of my earth walk.  She was admitted to the hospital and survived the episode.  If I hadn’t been there to summon help on the seventh day she probably would have died.

After several months of visiting friends and family on the east coast I returned to Los Angeles and found myself unclear about my new mission and purpose in life.  Whereas the in past I was driven and put energy into whatever the current project I identified as important, now everything I considered doing, as my mission in life, didn’t light the usual fire in the belly that typically is the fuel to get me going.

I felt drawn to visit Sharelle once again looking for relief of my spiritual uncertainty and its discomfort. She performed another energy healing, and provided guidance for me, within a specific set of spiritual activities.  She introduced me to a chakra chant/meditation and an affirmation unique to my situation. I was urged to make these practices part of my daily life.


After practicing the chakra meditation and specific affirmation for a while, I found myself addressing and handling many important items that had long been in my procrastination list.  These things were accomplished without angst and seemingly without much effort.  There has been an easy flow of actions and decisions, which feel inspired as if I were actively connected with the wisdom of the universe.  I’ve had feelings of amazement, as I feel drawn to my new mission in life.  Thank you Sharelle.


mom plany lady b&w

My name is Dorian, and I would like to tell you about my experience with Sharelle. I first met Sharelle about 5 months ago, on a Social Networking site. We both shared a passion for nature and gardening. We exchanged phone numbers and started talking about our professions etc. When she told me what her line of work was, I became very interested! Just what I need.

I’d been suffering from PTSD with Agoraphobia for almost 10 yrs. And from all of this “stress”, I was always in pain. My shoulders, neck and upper back always sore and very tight. I said to myself “It’s time for something to be done.”

After my very first session, Sharelle and I sat and talked. My mind was completely freed-up. The pain was no longer there! My body was completely relaxed for the first time in years. And when I looked at myself in the mirror my face even looked different…relaxed, vibrant and alive! I have had multiple treatments from Sharelle, and with each treatment I feel more and more alive, focused, balanced and enlightened.

Sharelle is a blessing, and her healing abilities are Truly Amazing! ”  ~ Dorian C. Panorama City, CA. Horticulturist. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012


rosalba gut colour video still

GC: You are a person who also works with energy,  so how did you come to meet Sharelle?

RF: Sharelle. My kindred spirit. I met Sharelle, in the most unique circumstances-facebook! After we had met and formed a relationship- she told me that she was an energy healer too, and from there on we connected. She invited me over for tea, and the most amazing chocolate treats! I don’t think I would ever have imagined coming to encounter someone like her.

GC: Did you find yourself feeling very close to Sharelle right away?

RF: I did. I did. It was very immediate. As if I had been waiting for this to happen, the meeting.

GC: Where was it that you grew up? What was your childhood like?

RF: My mother was born in the most beautiful city in the world- Mexico city. But she had passed on when I was 8 years old. So I had to deal with death at a very early age. Yet ever since I was a child, I was caught trying to heal people. It was just always in my blood! I wanted to help others, something inside of me that wanted to help my mankind.

GC: As a child you heard your calling- that’s very rare that you held on to that. A lot of people tend to let go of what they discover as children, and tend to forget that initial pulse is there to guide them through the rest of their life.

RF: Yes. I was destined to help people. I listened.

GC: What was it like, when receiving your healing from Sharelle?

RF: When I received her healing, it was so profound and powerful.  I sensed her working with the luminous beings.  She has the most magnificent gifts, and I thank you Sharelle, for offering those gifts to me . I would recommend her, to all. To everyone.

GC: Sharelle has often mentioned what is called Habitual Behavior- what is your take on this subject?

RF: Habitual Behavior. Things we learn out of practice. Habitual behavior can be learned just through doing something 25 times. It becomes a ritual. This can be dangerous.

GC: It can be very dangerous- but can’t we also form more fortuitous habits?

RF: This is true. And it’s up to you- it’s up to us as individuals.

GC: I have found that there is also this very impeding influence, socially, from how people project their gender. I find that these roles we play are so inappropriate, and at times forced. I may be projecting my own subjective take on gender ideologies- but do you believe there is something more to come?

RF: Men have just as much a feminine side, as women have a masculine side. It must be embraced, this is the time for us all to realize that we are all not so very different. Some men hold themselves back from experiencing things in their life, and women do the same thing. But there is harmony when we accept who we are, without taking into consideration what the outside world wants us to pretend to be. Men are just as sensitive as women, I wish that they would embrace this reality. I think there would be less war, divorce, and more love to share. Just be yourself. It’s not as difficult as you think! 

~ Rosalba Fontanez. Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012



GC: How did you first come to encounter Sharelle?  At work, or play?

GD: Sharelle, she was someone I needed to know. I saw here, and I just knew who she was. Sharelle had become the person who was there to re-stabilize how I felt in life. Her energy took me from feeling like I was at a slant, back to being upright.  I met Sharelle when I was feeling utterly out of place, and she helped get me back into my own mode. Maybe it’s hard to explain, but it’s there.

GC: What is your profession? And how did meeting Sharelle at this point in your life, make an impact on your body/mind at this time?

GD: I moved around a lot. So when I met her, I was ready for something to help root my wandering spirit. That spark hit- and I thought, okay, this is good. I’m a photographer, so Sharelle helped me get back into that creative mode.

GC: Did you find yourself reminded of her often, or less more than likely?

GD: I carry Sharelle’s influence with me, in my life. I feel like I  lock myself away from own myself. I ignore things, I’m far too curious for my own good at times. And that’s the thing about being with Sharelle, and experiencing her treatments- Sharelle gets me to get back on track, allows me to get more clear, to get centered again- emotionally and psychically.

GC: And you grew up in California, or overseas?

GD: I grew up in two places. In Houston, Texas, and in Southern California.  My Grandfather was a Flamenco dancer, and my Grandmother was a homemaker, and the peace-keeper of the neighborhood. We had all kinds of crazy animals, and lots of guests over, at any given time. This influenced who I would become.

GC: One day I’ll have to ask you more about your Grandfather! Don’t let me forget- what an interesting story, and what an impact on your life as a child.

GD: I will tell you more about him one day soon!

GC: So, do you find that you relate more to Eastern or Western Medicine? Do you feel there is a balance missing in the world today?

GD: I appreciate Western Medicine, and I also feel that Eastern Medicine is very necessary. Searching for the inner peace, and listening to the body in accordance to nature. They are both necessary ingredients. As long as you are willing to go there.  “

~ Geena D. Photographer. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012



GC: Can you tell me a bit about your childhood, if I may start of on such a personal level? And perhaps how that leads to what it is you do in life itself…

K: I was born on the tail end of the 1950’s, California. I’m not sure if Sharelle had a traumatic childhood, but mine was very dark. I had to learn the hard way. I don’t believe that we are born ‘clean’ I believe that we are born with certain issues that we have to deal with in our adult years. Everything else that comes along the way just peppers that which  is inside of us.

GC: Did you grow up in a religious household? If so, how did that ‘pepper’ your more pubescent years and into adulthood?

K: Well, Catholicism was like a knife in the back. I think people tend to believe what they want to believe, and they aren’t always free to choose their reality. I have a very close connection with animals, but I’m not going to say I love animals because I was abused.

GC:  I think this is an important subject to discuss. Even taboo to some people I take it. What about your experience with Sharelle? You haven’t received any energy healings from her?

K:  As a scientist, I come to Sharelle’s world from an opposite perspective. Yet Ironically we arrive to a large degree, in the same place.  If I can’t see it , feel it, it doesn’t exist. No, I have not received any treatments from Sharelle, we have conversations. I’ll go to a Science Lecture downtown, then head over to her place afterwards.

GC: So although your philosophy on life is like a ‘tough love’ mentality- which I rather like – could you tell me why you think what Sharelle does is influencial, or perhaps not so influencial?

K: What’s also interesting to me about Sharelle, is that she makes a major contribution to her community. She makes the world a better place. She is a mentor for the people. Philosophy is a luxury, after you have breakfast, after you pay the bills. And so many people don’t want to suffer a moments headache, they don’t want to purge or detoxify their bodies. They take the short term view, rather than the long term view. Everybody wants to get to heaven, but they don’t want to do the climb. I’m willing to do the work. I believe in preventions, rather than remedy. But if I’m having a heart-attack, I’m going to head to the hospital not a  witch doctor!  ”     ~ Karl. CA.   Sculpture Artist & Scientist. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012



GC: What is Spirituality? How do you find that form, and return to it through Sharelle and through others/ yourself?

I:  For me, spirituality is the knowledge, that I am doing what is best for nature and for myself. Forgiving my mistakes, considering them as lessons. I met Sharelle in a drug-store. We locked eyes, and it was an instant connection. Sharelle saw right into me, she knew I needed a human catalyst. We exchanged numbers, and I decided to start seeing her. Her energy was, and is, electrifying!

And I knew, that the little tiny part of my computer-like mind, will be able to open up and deal with my compulsive over-eating. I have spent so much time helping and serving others, that I have neglected myself. And that’s where Sharelle comes in.

GC: What was your treatment like with Sharelle?

My first energy treatment with Sharelle, was so kinetic. She didn’t touch me, but I could feel her energy. I reacted physically to her energy treatments, without even knowing what I was to experience. It was as if my spirit was moving in my body. It was a spiritual orgasm- and she has taught  me to believe in myself and how to greater motivate myself.

GC: Ooo spiritual orgasm- that’s what I’m talking about (laughter)! Exactly. My mind turns to one of my favorite people, William Reich. People we very frightened of what he had to offer to the world of science, sex, energies. So tell me, what was your childhood like? How did your parents influence your life?

I: I was born in Hollywood California, and I have been living here my entire life. I was raised with two siamese cats and 21 basset hounds. My Mother was from Manhatten, an incredibly intelligent woman, who specialized in histories and antiquities. My father worshipped her, he was also from NY-  but they came from two different back rounds. There’s this expression, ‘ An ounce of pretense is worth a pound of manure’. Well that was my Mother! She believed everything had to be in good taste.

GC: So you found yourself chasing after your mother’s shadow in a sense?

I: I spent most of my life convincing myself, that I had to be like my Mother. Then I realized I wanted to be myself. So I have spent a lifetime, becoming spiritually balanced, with my highest self.

What goes on- good, bad or indifferent- I don’t have to like it, I just have to accept it. Let’s assume that god is within me; that part of me knows I am living and wants to improve. My highest self. It doesn’t have to be something outside of yourself. Religion, with some exceptions, does not give one room to be themselves. As far as medication goes, I believe that anything that is done to help a person outside of themselves- needs to be combined with strong spiritual help, with love.

GC: Anything else you would like to share with us, about Sharelle?

I: Sharelle’s good work is based on that, it isn’t just a medical world that we live in. It has to do with understanding, and the willingness to try something new. ”

~ Idrea. Fitness Teacher  & Resale Artist. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2012



[photo credit to Ava Alamshah]

 It’s funny, I also had met Sharelle through my own mother. One morning she came to me and said…” what do you know about Energy Healers? ” and I replied, ” all I know is, I’d really like to meet one. ” So we both went together, to begin our meetings with Sharelle. I wasn’t skeptical at all. I’d experienced a lot of different forms of energies, through interacting with animals and people, as well as through my art practices, and other sorts of meditations.

Coincidentally, this was the same week that one my closest  friends had passed away.  And aside from dealing with this trauma, I always had problems sleeping. I previously had experienced 10 years of night tremors, and sleepwalking was a regular thing when I was just a kid.  Sharelle helped guide me, and find a way to a healthy acceptance of these things occurring in my life. She gave me permission to survive, to accept my own problems, and to understand that separation between other people’s problems, rather than thriving on my old habits; such as trying to fix my family, trying to help them get to where they want to be. But I had to realize, that it’s not my mission in life to fix the dysfunction of my family, I have to live my life first. To create a unity, and a balance, within my own fears and to replace my paranoias that other people around me had instilled- to realize, I was in control of my thoughts and my life. I was just letting in too much of other people’s issues. 

Sharelle  has worked on my partner, my mother, and my sister as well.  She’s really created so much harmony in our lives- she works with what is already there and helps you to move forward from what is holding you back- energy wise and mentally as well. It’s very cyclical.

I grew up in two types of environments. One, was a very creative environment; I was around musicians, painters, and horticulturists. Also,  I wasn’t taught to be ‘a girl’, I learned to be myself,  of either gender. Well, that was what I felt I was doing. The other environment I grew up in, was very restricting, as I was raised as a Christian. Not a pleasant experience. Very much guilt based, and I was always surrounded by addicts in my family. Choosing momentary pleasure, was their way of dealing with pain and life, because they were confident that ‘ god would guide them and save them ‘ .  Yikes. There’s also a good amount of sexism, homophobia, and racism in my family- which always makes me very sad. I feel that I can’t relate to many people, in my blood-line. So, I create my own family! And Sharelle helped me to accept that I am allowed to do this, and not feel guilty.

 I had a strange example of what stability would symbolize, growing up.

During my treatments, at times I  feel warmth, and hear sparks. I felt Sharelle’s energy, as she was moving my anxiety, my pain, my thick energy from chakra to chakra, and out of my body. I kept my eyes closed, and continued to meditate on her energy that began from my knees and moved up into my stomach. Suddenly I felt this huge force of energy, moving from my stomach, to my chest, to my shoulders and then out through my eyes and my mouth. 
On my first treatment, after the death of my close friend- it all came out of me. From my stomach out my crown chakra. I began crying,  felt the energy moving out like gentle but forceful sparks making their way out of my body and into the atmosphere. That occurred about 2 or 3 times. I was metaphysically vomiting  up all my dark matter. The energy had been expelled. All that I had held onto was now gone.

I highly recommend her as an energy healer, and as a life coach. I’ve had six subtle energy treatments so far- my physical and mental self has completely re-structured itself. Entwined and recharged.

My dreams have become more lucid, my moods more in balance. But it took time, it’s not a pill that changes your chemistry and gives you these awful side effects. It’s a process, and it’s work you have to do yourself. And I am more in favor of time rather than taking a medication to cover up these natural occurences- these are things we have to experience- we can’t hide from this pain. But we can do something about it. I didn’t have to hold onto my friends death. Some of us deal with issues like abuse, guilt, trauma, anxiety, or even behavioral disorders. All these things, we can survive, if we choose to take that first step.  She gave me that gentle and gracious push forward.     ”      ~ Gina C., Los Angeles, CA. Visual Anthropologist. Interview & Treatment(s) conducted 2013




-Letter’s from clients to Sharelle-

Sharelle Roth radiates love. She spreads creative confidence of the divine source, from the web of life. She will give you an axis, a horizon- and brilliantly she will leave a light beneath your path. ” ~ Aileen Z. Sun Valley, CA

” I am in my mid-eighties, and have found it difficult to perform certain actions, such as picking up vitamins and medication, because of my arthritis. While talking with Sharelle, she worked with subtle energy on my hands. As she worked, my hand grew warm and the joint swelling diminished. We spoke the next morning, and I remarked that the hand was still flexible, with no pain. After only this first treatment, the relief lasted several days. ” ~ A. del Valle. Valley Village, CA.


Sharelle giving her husband Youngbear a subtle energy healing


All Interviews and Photography by GC Erenberg (unless noted otherwise) Copyright 2014


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