About Sharelle

Sharelle Roth is a professional Subtle Energy Healer, specializing in arthritis pain, joint inflammation, stress management, life coaching, and energy cleansing.  Mrs. Roth is a complementary healer, not an alternative healer. She works with your physicians program (if any), not instead of it. Sharelle welcomes all questions by appointment only. Sharelle [She Who Spreads Light] is a dedicated healer, and is always growing within her process and practice, of therapeutic touch.


We have the ability to be a lot lighter than we feel. Intention is everything. It has a vibrational level- the body truly is electric! I deeply care about your health, welfare, and journey in life.  There is so much to explore.  Let that resonate. Most people push it away, deny themselves of that journey. I encourage it.  “ ~ Sharelle Roth


There is a way to un-learn your traumas and habitual behaviors. We can heal on the surface, but these energies eventually thicken, and reside within different places in the body-mind.  The universal homeostasis (natural balance) touches all events, including humankind’s traumatic events. When our trauma causes a fear response, this response may continue to create and reside in unnecessary furrows in the brain. Some things are exaggerated from our childhood- but we have the choice to un-learn what we have learned. To grow, and to harmonize. I can help you get there. Healing is a process. It takes time.      ~ Sharelle Roth


Her office itself envelops her clients in comfort. Wherever you look, there is something that attracts, enlightens, unfolds.


 There something I call ‘ dirty clothing ‘; holding on to painful experiences. Still important experiences, as we grow and learn nonetheless.  Yet we don’t have to absorb these energies.  Becoming attuned  to a modality that moves us forward, is what I teach.

Sharelle resides at her beloved rose cottage, with her husband, Youngbear













All Interviews and Photography by GC Erenberg (unless noted otherwise) Copyright 2013


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